Managing a Daily Workout with an Infant — How I Lost 13 lbs Doing This

This is reality

In an absolute perfect world, my son would take a glorious two-hour nap while I squeeze in cardio and a full-body workout before making myself the perfect healthy meal. In reality — I am exhausted from being up 2-3 times a night, need two cups of coffee to start my day, eat a quick “breakfast,” and by the time I try to workout it’s nap time for my little. You would think that this is a great thing, but… no. Because he usually needs his mama next to him while he naps. But, why can’t you just put him to sleep and walk away Haley? I can’t explain it, but it’s like he can sense me leaving the room. He no longer smells that mama smell and it wakes him up. His milkies have left the room. So how do I manage to workout often with an infant, and why do I even bother? If you’re on the struggle bus with me, I can help you.

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The first thing that you need to know is that most days don’t go as planned. Which is okay. Some days you need to just nap with your baby, relax and forget the workout. But on the days that I do workout, I have finally figured out the secret. The secret is to have a ROUTINE. Kids love a routine. We start our day by getting up around 9, we play until noon, eat lunch together, then it’s time for mommy’s workout. I start by putting him somewhere near me. In a jumper, in a bouncer, or in a sit-me-up (HIGHLY recommend). The sit-me-up is great because while I’m on the floor working out, he gets to be on my level playing with toys, while also being contained. No chasing him around during a workout. You can get stuff done while entertaining your little one, too, and purchase the sit-me-up here through my link:

Being near mom is typically an infant’s favorite place to be. By putting him near me, I make him feel like he is apart of what I’m doing. I put on some happy music and sing to him throughout the workout, smile with him and talk to him. Towards the end of the workout I like to let him on my memory foam yoga mat with me to scoot around and explore. After working out, I’m exhausted and am honestly so happy to go lay down with him for a nap. It works out perfectly! Now that I’m in that routine, everything goes pretty smoothly. I like to think that my little guy likes our routine and is excited for workout time with mom before napping.

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So why do I even bother working out while trying to balance a busy lifestyle?

It makes me feel good about myself. If you read my last blog, then you know that exercising helps with both physical and mental health, which is amazing for my struggle with anxiety. I want to be my best self for my husband and son, and most of all I want to feel good about myself. Getting married and having a child doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to look your best. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE that my husband still thinks that I’m the most beautiful woman no matter what I look like, but I want to love what I look like as well. Because I’m human.

I struggled with my self-image postpartum because I weighed over ten pounds more than I did before I was pregnant. I knew that I wanted to do something about it, but I thought to myself, how can I find time to better myself while caring for this little human? Now that I found the secret, my routine, I have lost 13 pounds and weigh less than I did before I was pregnant. 13 pounds. I don’t like to brag on myself, but I am so proud and so happy with where I am at. Working out is SO good for us. Our bodies do change after we give birth and it’s so important to love every part of that new body; but, there is a way to improve your self-image and overall health by squeezing in that small workout daily, or even every other day.

Another tip that I would like to share that contributed to my postpartum weight loss is cutting out fast food completely. This was so hard for me because I love me some McDonald’s fries. We still eat out occasionally, but for the most part we have been eating at home. Who knew that cutting out fast food could make such a huge difference? I also eat fruit more often and include more protein in my diet. For example, peanut butter toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast with a side of blueberries. Oh and drink, drink, drink! No, not wine. Water. Why can’t wine hydrate us? Life is so unfair.

I hope these tips motivate you to become your best self and establish a much-needed routine. If you’d like to hear more about my diet, workout regimen, or have any other questions, please reach out. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself today, you deserve it!

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